PCP Vs HP. Which option to choose?

Bad credit score when buying car on finance

Your car dreams can be crushed instantly when you find out that you have a bad credit score. This eventually boils down to the basic definition of a credit score.

What is a credit score?

A credit score is a figure that evaluates the likelihood of a customer paying back their loan.A high score guarantees the loan. The credit score influences your entire financial standing. All of which includes, car finances, mortgages, insurance, etc. Your score is evaluated on your previous and present credit history.The credit score is evaluated from a scale of 1000. The scale bracket of 0-560 is considered very poor. A scale of 881 and above is considered good and might get you loans.

But why should a bad credit score stop you from owing a car? This guide aims to highlight that.

Car Loan with a bad credit score, how?

The good news is that the car loan policy varies. It is highly volatile, hence prone to changes. The first and foremost factor is the condition of the car market. If there are a lot of car buyers, you might get a car loan easily. Also, if you have a good job, you’ll be eligible for a car loan. Furthermore, your job period also counts a lot for your car loan. Moreover, your present debt also counts significantly.

Many people with a good credit score aren’t able to get cars. This is due to market situations. Even though you’ve been informed about car deals. Bear in mind that a bad credit score will be a disadvantage. You might get a loan, but at a higher interest rate. At times, car dealers might mishandle and misguide you.

The best method of securing a deal is to hunt the internet. Searching the web for car deals might save you thousands of bucks. Therefore, it’s best to exhaust all your options and compare them.

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